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    slow cooker

    not a recipe but just cooking the first stew of the winter walked into our bungalow to the smell of a roe neck in the slow cooker UMMMM top notch i love winter

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    Yep need to get mine out and fire it up.

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    just took the neck out and the meat fell to bits so so tender ,got 2 muntys to skin while the mrs thickens up the stew then happy days

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    For fek sake stop it man your making me hungry!

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    sorry mate but gotta say it was top notch ben and jerrys for desert

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    I slowly braised 2lb of diced fallow shoulder for 11 hours in real ale with salt, pepper oxo, fresh herbs etc i browned/de-glazed the venison off before hand then added to the slow cooker.
    After cooking i added a couple of small diced potatoes. Made pastry for the base and top, pre baked the bottom layer of pastry added the gorgeous venison rolled the pastry out on top baked in oven for 30 minutes. Served it up with mushy peas, picked cabbage and a home made farmers bread loaf to soak that lovely stock up. followed by a glass of red wine by my log burner.

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