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Thread: Rifle Slip and a dead cow and sheep

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    Rifle Slip and a dead cow and sheep

    Hello, on Thursday last week I had the lovely experience of being given my 1st ever brand new firearms certificate.........oooooooh As soon as the FEO had gone I headed strait for the gun shop and picked up my lovely little .22 Anschutz rifle and proceeded to zero it in on the farm where I work. I must say, that 1st day shooting with my own rifle was one of the best days ive had in ages, like trying out your brand new bike on your 10th birthday or something like that. Brilliant. The rifle I bought is a model 1420 bolt action rifle (built in the 60's) and it shoots very well indeed. After I had zeroed it in at 70 yds I proceeded to whack 3 grey Squirrels and on Sunday evening I shot 15 rabbits, a fantastic tool and also very nicely made. Ive since taken the gun to a gun maker whom I know, to discuss getting a sound mod fitted on it and he said that the rifle does not appear to have shot hardly any rounds hence its good performance which is really great.
    Anyway, more to the point, ive looked around for a decent rifle slip and have found nothing other than expensive plastic versions which, whilst they will do a great job, are plastic and also quite expensive for what they are. I am fortunate enough to have a leather workshop which I use for my furniture, im a furniture and cabinet maker, and so Ive decided to make my own using some 3mm leather. My question is this: does anyone have any suggestions on what I might use as a liner, im thinking about using a sheep fleece ?
    Any suggestions on my little project would be most welcome, indeed, has anyone had or made their own rifle slip ? I intend not to use any zips as they are a pain to put in and also have quite a limited life span when compared to a simple flap and a buckle arrangement. id like to design the slip in such a way so that I will be able to use it for my other rifles when I put in for them after completing my DSC1 next year.

    kind regards, Olaf

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    I suppose the only problem with not having a zip opening on it would be that if you put a wet rifle away in it, whatever material you choose will inevitably absorb water, and then not be allowed to air = rusty rifle..... I love the sound of your idea, and next year am planning on having one commissioned (with a full zip), my leather shot gun slip has a synthetic sheepskin liner and I love it, but I do take care not to get it wet etc, or at least make really sure its dry before putting it away.

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    now that sounds like you will produce a very bespoke piece of kit finding a slip to take a full bore /mod/bipod/sizeable scope is difficult can you fit a removable padded liner so it can be cleaned and dried.sheepskin would be nice.please if its a sucess post some pics you could be onto a money maker!

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    I wouldn't line it at all, The leather will protect it from little dings and big dings just shouldn't happen, if they did I doubt the sheeps skin etc would be much cop. No liner would mean the slip could breath more easily. I hate all my slips and would love a plain leather slip but they are just to darn dear.

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    I will look up Whelen's mention of ideal gunslips and yes real sheeps wool has lanolin in it so can help protect you fine firearm. Will search n is book which covers this bit as he describes a couple of designs one zippered and one with flaps which if I recall correctly he used for his northern cold weather hunts where a zip could freeze up.

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    I have one leather slip and three liners made up of an synthetic absorbant fleecey type . Put in the same slip all day or time in field and give rifle a wipe over and dry off transfer to another dry sleeve and into case for homeward journey, minimises chance of rust, works a treat

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    I would assume that a man of your ability would be able to produce a slip which opens along its full length and wraps around the rifle then multiple buckles to secure the rifle in place , in which case (excuse the punn) would have enough adjustment to take any future rifles and can be made to have a inner sleeve / liner of your choice

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    Hi, thanks for the reply. This is indeed what I was planning on doing as it will be much more useful like this. Indeed, making the slip to open along most of one side is actually less time consuming anyway as there is less hand stitching to do, plus, by having a flap and buckle arrangement the slip will be able to be made in such a way as to snugly take both large and small guns as well as having a removable liner. I will post a picture of the results once ive got it made. thanks for all of the suggestions chaps !

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