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    Hi guys in galls. Im 25 from fife scotland. I currently work as an estate worker on a 5000acre estate and will be taking over the shoot next year. Just really starting out stalking got my first Roe doe last sat with my new .222. I know some folk say the calibre is not quite adequate for deer but after lots of practice a perfect heart/lung shot took her clean. Hoping to start my dsc next year and progress in the world of deer. Thanks for reading and great websight.

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    hi Fifestalker,all the very best for the future i have keepered/stalked profesionly for fourty years down here in the westcountry and wouldnt change a thing, exept i would like the .223 for roe,(maybe oneday). good luck with the dsc next year. good hunting. W.S

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    Welcome to the best stalking site on the internet. Enjoy!


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    Welcome to the site, nothing wrong with a 222 for roe.

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    It was my FAO Which suggested a .222 when i applyed for my fac, i knew it was a good fox calibre but he said it was ideal for Roe about fife. Will be looking to put in for a bigger calibre for Red Deer if i get the chance to shoot them up north. Just have to wait and see. Thanks for the good welcome guys

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