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Thread: anyone up for taking out a newbie?

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    anyone up for taking out a newbie?

    i'm going to be cheeky here...
    Is there anyone in the south or southeast (England) or close enough to it that would be interested in taking out a novice like me maybe sometime over the xmas period???????? I drive, and naturally would pay my way and would seriously appreciate some friendly guidance.

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    where are you based, what experience do you have, deerwarden

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    Hi deerwarden.
    Iv got no experiance in deerstalking! Just rough shooting.
    Im based in West London but dont mind jumping in the car for an hour or so to get to where i need to.

    Im 29 years old (male) and in good shape, so can hike about for hours lugging things around! You wont require a donkey with me about, and im just as ugly! (unfortunatley thats the only similiarity i have to one)

    Im going stalking with in Janruary but was keen to get out sooner if possible .

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    You have a p.m. Dano.

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