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Thread: Bow Hunting Deer

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    Bow Hunting Deer

    There is a lot of talk by bowmen who would like to get bowhunting for deer and other quarry made legal in britain. What are peoples thoughts onthis? I dont know enough about it but my first thoughts are a bit anti.

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    Just found a previous thread on this. Sorry everyone, please forgive a novice

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    cant see the need really , theres plenty of rifles about

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    there are enough clips on youtube for you to be able to draw your own conclusions.

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    Bow hunting is much maligned by so called stalkers in the uk, who have never used a bow or who think stalking is taking a deer at 200 yds. But would I like to see it legal in the uk, no is the answer, as we have to many idiots who would try it.

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    If the populas aggree to bow hunting then they may as well do away with a minimum caliber for culling deer , perhaps they should legalise sling shots and snaring as well .
    It seems to me that the police cant manage existing / ongoing poaching problems as it is .

    ( or would it be another string to their bow )

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    ERRR... where were all you guys when I was ripping into the bow hunters but in a diplomatic way and getting abused left right and centre

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    If I'd been a member at the time I would of been standing next to you.

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    Paul was beaten with a big stick as were others of us who disagreed with it in previous posts, never tried it, never wanted too, seen enough problems with clients with rifles over the years to warrant even thinking of making it legal here, also seen some hunts on this in the states to make me never want to do it, or see it done here, each to his own, but with the animals quick and human demise foremost. Was done to death B4 and should not really be a subject to debate allowing it here in the U.K. On this site, we all most surely strive for an instant kill with a humane shot with a legal caliber. Deerwarden

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