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Thread: How will you spend the Festive Season

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    How will you spend the Festive Season

    Nowt to do with stalking, this thread just a lighthearted look at what members are up to over the Festive Season!

    I have a couple of stalks lined up prior , then I am going to chill out .!

    Nosebag this year for my wife and, I is pan fried partridge with a Diane sauce and all the bits n bobs ! Some fine port and smelly cheeses, Got my daughter and partner grand kids day after boxing day for a traditional slap up!.

    Pride of place will be a stuffed haunch of Roe doe, and a crown of cutlets. Followed by some nice wine and a good snooze.Then a damn good muck about with my boys toys and accessories.
    Merry Grinchmas.

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    My christmas will be spent visiting my mum in Spain with our now 'traditional' game of golf (I WILL wear shorts even if it isn't quite warm enough) on Christmas day, including smoked salmon sarnies and a bottle of bubbly after the 9th to make the back 9 more interesting!


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    I've got my mom coming over from South Africa to spend the festive season with us.

    Got my Copas turkey on order, the bubbly in the fridge and the red wine in the cupboard.

    The food and booze is sorted but i suppose i should get a few presents for the wife and mum or i'll be in the dog house....


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    We have Sheilas relatives coming over from Canada but i`m not a christmasy person, never have been.
    My mum`s in hospital having just come off the critical list last week so in my heart of hearts my mind is else where. Mum will be in for at least the next eight weeks. Not what i call ideal.

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    Wishing your mum a speedy recovery! I'm sure the rest of the forum will be doing the same.


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    As ever I have planned a quiet Xmas with plenty of opportunity to get out and get some sport. As ever I am sure I will get no sport at all as the incessant stream of relatives land or expect us to visit. Sure to end up back at work in New Year disgruntled at all of my spoiled plans

    Never mind it always focuses the mind for January.

    Merry Xmas all, and good shooting.

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    Normally for me it would involve manic racing around the countryside getting as many traps as poss in the ground up till x mas eve, then one day off and then back to the trapping. However this year the work has all but dried up, bummer !, Iwill just have to go out and play.
    Taking the fpo out stalking boxing day morning, back for smoked salmon in hot crusty rolls, then out with the scatter gun for some walked up pigeon, woodcock, pheasant etc and back for well hung rib beef and all the trimmings and a bottle of bubbly. After that it will be a week of trying for a cod from the shore, some ferreting, probably some more stalking.
    Now you watch, the damned phone wont stop ringing between now and new year !!!.

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    Down see Mother for a few days over Christmas knocked over a young doe yesterday so no damn turkey hurray. Might do a bit of beach fishing if the weather is kind or maybe some rabbits. Anybody in the Cornwall area any shooting lined up?


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    Eeerm yes Ghostrifle i be one !.

    Regards MT.

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