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Thread: Just got up.

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    Just got up.

    After been here whelping my bitch all night, I awoke on the sofa to find 9 big yellow pups doing very well besides me.
    I bred her to keep 2 bitches back, which I have (just), the other 7 are dogs.
    I lost a lovely bicth pup which was a long while coming and I could''t revive.(very sad, but these things happen).
    I just have to make sure the others do well. She is a first time mother and has taken to them well, though she didnt think much to them at first.

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    so monday or tuesday was just out?

    glad its all ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobt View Post
    so monday or tuesday was just out?

    glad its all ok.
    me that was wrong, i worked them its today and tomorrow I had booked off.
    might try and get some more doe boxes out tomorrow.

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    well done with the pups, the litter my bitch had in september were the first for me and the bitch. hard work but nice to keep a pup you have bred yourself. good luck with them.

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    I never knew you had pups coming, well done mate. That's a great litter.

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    Like the whelping box design. It's identical to the one I made! Handy when the pups are a bit older and the rods can be removed.

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