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Thread: Wooden stock-maintaining.

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    Wooden stock-maintaining.

    Wooden stock-maintaining.

    Hi I am looking for some advices on wooden stocks. How you are looking after your wooden stocks? Have any one of you use CCL oil? I use for my wooden knives handles mixture of bees wax +linseed oil +turpentine (1+1+1). What is the best protective and long last solution for wood?

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    I have a CCL re-finishing kit which I have used on a coule of rifles including this P-H 1100Lwt:-

    Although I have not used the bees wax that comes with it. Most of my rifles have oiled finishes and if they get very wet once thoroughly dry I rub a tiny spot of oil into the finish. It's really not as difficult or time consuming as some make out. Plus if one should get a slight scratch then a spot of oil rubbed in takes care of that . This 1200 Super also has an oiled finish:-


    BSA Majestic

    and in the field

    Best English Gameguns (shotguns) usually have a hand rubbed oiled finish and they often get used in rain etc. The wonderful thing about an oiled finish is one can make it glossy or semi-gloss or even matt.

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    As Brthunter says, but i just use walnut oil as and when the stock gets wet or tired. Rub ii in with your hands and build some heat up as you do it. That opens the wood grain and allows the oil to penetrate.

    A mate showed me how to get the lacquered/varnished coating off a stock with Nitromorse and v fine wire wool and then to coat in walnut oil - He had training as a french polisher so he should know his wood.

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    I make up my own slacum mix using carnuba wax, beeswax, linseed oil and terpentine. Ive treated several shotguns with this and get a really nice lustrous finish. The carnuba wax has a slightly higher melting point than beeswax so needs a bit more working up with your hand to create sufficient heat but its worth it.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    philips walnut oli preparation.
    everything you need in a bottle.

    just done this from scratch on a bare stock on a thread a few down from this one

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    CCL oil & hardener is worth this 20, or just cheaper oil will do the job? I know that walnut have got quite big pores .
    Thank you Brithunter for your pictures. I can see that you are a perfectionist , very nice rifles.

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    I paid less than 10 for the oil for my stock CCL I think and it is very good on both my standard rifle stock and my grade 5 shotgun stock.


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    I brought the kit in a box which has about 4 small tins of oil, a small tin of stripper, a small tin of wax, even the sand paper etc the whole kit an kaboodle cost about 20. The individual tins are leass than a fiver i believe.

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