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Thread: Left handed Bolt Action .22 Rimfire

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    Left handed Bolt Action .22 Rimfire

    Sorry. Not looking for advice on a stalking rifle but am looking for a replacement for my Ruger 10/22 and thought you horrible lot would probably be able to help.
    If you had asked me 6 months ago about my Ruger, I would have said it was a fantastic rifle and hardly ever jammed. Now, I would have to say it is a pain in the arse! I put about 3500 rounds through it per year and have had it just 2 years. It now seems to get the ejected case caught on the rapidly returning bolt. It is driving me mad and I have cleaned everything including the mags in the hope that it is curable but it is still doing it.
    My question is, should I spend some money on it and get some more volquartsen add ons. Or, should I chop it in and go for a change. If I go for a change, should I look at another semi or a bolt action (I am a left handed shot).
    Any advice would be most welcome.

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    I like the 10/22's and have a few of them but for serious shooting get a CZ 452 American in Left hand and never look back! For the Ruger, look to a weak ejector or weak extractor. Easy fixes. The 10/22 is the original Tinker's Delight, after all!~Muir

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    Muir is right,
    I built a full on Volquartson 10/22 just to see how good it could be, i think i probably spent about 600 on it but i just couldn't get used to it.
    i sold it and bought a lefty CZ american and i love it. I shoot around 30 rabbits a week with it and it has never let me down. I dont think i could shoot much quicker with the 10/22.
    It's also great for practicing with as it's the same layout as my centrefires.


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    I have an Anschutz .22, a CZ 452 .22 and a CZ 452 .17 HMR, all left-handers. The CZ .22 is used on a daily basis, accounting for over 5,000 rabbits this year. It is battered and bruised, but shoots with unerring accuracy. It has also never skipped a beat, no matter what I feed it - more than can be said for any 10/22.

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    Sounds like I should take a look at a CZ then! Thanks fellas. Wonder if I can get away with it before christmas!

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    Too bad you aren't here in the States! I know of a shop that has a lefty 452 with a beautiful walnut stock for less then 2007 retail price: just at $300US.~Muir

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    I had the same trouble with my self loading .22LR,every other round would fail to extract,this was within a year & less than 1000 rounds,which isn't a lot for a rimfire.
    When I sent it back the importer had the bolt lightened slightly & the extraction problems have stopped.
    It now doesn't miss a beat unless it's had several hundred rounds through it,& then the build up of carbon,from the direct blow back action,is obvious to see on the bolt face.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir
    Too bad you aren't here in the States! I know of a shop that has a lefty 452 with a beautiful walnut stock for less then 2007 retail price: just at $300US.~Muir
    There are lots of reasons why the states looks very appealing. The availabilty of rifles at fantastic prices is just one of them!

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    I solved a similar problem by fitting the .22 WMR bolt handle, which is a bit heavier. Looks a lot better and due to the increased weight a slightly slower, but more consistend action. Further smoothening the bolt in the action and a different recoil buffer made it a very reliable 10/22.

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    I have a lefty CZ American in .22 and its paid for itself many times over, off a bipod it'll shoot 5 shot groups at 80 yards that can be covered by a 5p piece all day.

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