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Thread: Air flights to S.A.

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    Air flights to S.A.

    Looking to book a Hunt with my P.H. in S.A., the cost of flights with SAA are around 900+, used them B4 and they were great, used Air France and two of our gun cases were badly damaged and took ages to get compensation, so won't use them, any idea's on sites for reasonable flights to East London for around the 5th May 2012 who are firearm friendly. deerwarden

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    Last time I went, I flew KLM and that was pretty good and were the cheapest of the direct flights. I think Emirates do the most cost effective flights, but you go a long way out of your way as they fly err, via the Emirates.....
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    We have always used BA and it's normally around 6/700, phone dial a flight and ask for Johnathan. He sorts out all the flights for BBC crews and is very very good

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    Cheers guys, knew they would be some good info coming back. deerwarden

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    Sa flights

    Hi just got back from SA and flew with BA it was a farce from leaving to coming back even though rifle and ammo pre booked they had no records when I arrived at the airport I only managed to catch my flight as it was delayed which gave the security guys time to check my firearms, when I arrived in SA I contacted BA and complained and asked if they would make sure that they were aware that I would be returning with firearms so there would be no problems, but guess what at arriving at joburg to check in they had booked my firearms under the name of my friend so another long delay and loads of paperwork and waiting, in my opinion if you want a smooth journey steer clear of BA

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    I chose BA because it was
    a) The cheapest
    b) The shortest flight.
    There was no problem with my firearm as i didn't take one, i used the PH gun which made things a whole lot easier.
    But if i get to go to Montana next year i will be taking my 30-06 so i can see problems ahead looking at the above post and other threads on this subject.

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    We flew with Virgin to RSA last year to hunt plains game and take part in a 6- day competitive Sport Jag hunt - five hunters with enough rifles, shotguns and ammunition to stage a small coup d'etat. Virgin were superb, with no drama whatsoever at either end, particularly at Heathrow where our rifles were checked in swiftly on both out and inbound flights.

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    O.K. guys, looking on sites and leaning to Virgin or SAA, both firearms friendly, but one stop is 950, Virgin seem slightly less exspensive, deerwarden.

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    Totally agree with Adamant Virgin all the time for me,totally hassle free going and coming back,but can't say the same for BA or BMI going or coming back to either Glasgow or Edinburgh.
    That said I am travelling on to Bloemfontein and had bother with SAA as they said my Firearms was excess baggage and it cost me R300 going but nothing coming back,then BA charged me 50 each way Glasgow to Heathrow.
    At the end of the day if your hunt has been a success and you have lasting memories it is sometimes putting up with the hassle.
    Who are you hunting with?
    All the best for a good hunt.


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    Just booking with dial a flight for SAA, 300 rand is about 30, I can live with that and the fact that their away its a firearm their holding, never take baggage just three extra sets of daily wear and all in a day bag. deerwarden

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