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Thread: New to the Forum, Hello all

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    New to the Forum, Hello all


    I have been a member of the site since June but have never introduced myself!

    I have been shooting with air rifles and shotguns for many years and have taken up deer stalking in the last 5 years.

    My first stalking trip was into Scotland after roe in Fife and further north after red hinds. I had 2 roe does and 2 red hinds over a 4 day's. This first trip, has had me hooked ever since.

    Soon after returning I booked my second trip to Scotland after does and hinds again, 3 roe does and 2 red hinds. All of the stalking in Scotland was accompanied using an estate rifle.

    My next step was getting my FAC and some stalking land locally to me in Oxfordshire.

    The farm I had shot rabbits, corvids and pigeons for many years started to have an ever increasing amount of roe deer present. The land owner I have known since I was five years old. He was an honary member of the local rugby club which I played at since the age of 5. With a bit of arm twisting he has given me permission to solely manage the deer on his land with some guidance from a good friend of mine in Norfolk who has been a full time deer manager for many years.

    I got my FAC with entries for a moderated .270 and FAC .22 air rifle.

    I went with a Tikka T3 Lite with T8 mod and S&B 8x56 Illuminated Scope. I can get 1/2" groups at my zero range of 100 yards.

    I have since met many people, mainly in East Anglia that have been very helpful in helping me gain a lot of experience mainly in roe management as well as fallow and muntjac.

    I recently passed by DSC Level 1 and will be looking to start my DSC Level 2 ASAP.

    I hope this introduction has given you all an insight what I am all about.

    I look forward to seeing some of your replies.



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    welcome to the site

    Hi, welcome to the site - I joined it yesterday!

    Everyone seems very welcoming, im sure you'll be able to contribute lots and hopefully gain some new insights too.

    Kind Regards


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    Thanks for the reply Daemon

    Hi Daemon,

    I am sure I will learn a lot from old and new members alike.

    All the best


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    Welcome to the directory r.atkinson.

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    Many thanks for the reply Basil

    It seems like there will be a lot of people on the site that share a common passion, stalking!!

    Eveyone has been very welcoming.



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    New to the rorum Hello all

    Welcome r.atkinson, good ot hear from someone else from OXON.

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    Welcome to the site. There are a number of us on the site from the Oxon/Berks/Wilts area. One of these days (over Christmas??) we must really meet up in a pub somewhere!!


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    Let me know if you do as I am in North Oxfordshire and would galdly join any get together.

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    Welcome to the site, look forward to reading your posts

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    Thanks for all the replys

    I really appreciate all the replies.

    Gurube62 I am also in North Oxon.

    willie_gunn I am up for a drink over the festive period.
    Mike Robinson's pub is fantastic.
    I have eaten there with my Mrs, local game, excellent ale, cider from the UK and Normandy. Over looking beautiful Berkshire countryside. When I was there in the summer from the bench in the pub garden we saw muntjac and roe!!!!

    I am lucky enough to finish work on Friday 19.12.2008 until 05.01.2009. I have hit my sales target for the month!!! Its feet up for me, plenty of turkey, cider and a few roe does to add to the cull quota before I go back to the grindstone!!!

    If anyone else in the vicinity is interested in a drink, post on this thread or private message me to arrange.



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