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Thread: For brno fox (cz 527) fans everywhere

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    For brno fox (cz 527) fans everywhere

    This link might be of interest to those who own one of these unique ‘micro’ Mausers. For those who haven’t seen one, the CZ action is a modest reworking of the historic Model 98, properly scaled down for the small centre-fire cartridges. Since 2007 CZ have produced a couple of true left-hand actions, and given folks like me a chance to own what’s almost a 98K at last. I thought I’d go to my grave without ever adding a shootable Mauser to my armoury. The M98 is such an important milestone that it surprises me that so few people have one, and appear to prefer the SMLE.

    I thought the PakGuns website would also interest the rifle shooters on here. It has a spirit of optimism, with maybe a younger age profile than most of the british sites. What’s reassuring is the message it gives that shooting has world wide appeal, and everyone outside the heaven of the USA. has to struggle with the same shortage of supply and over-regulation.

    To give an idea of this, at current PKR exchange rates the poster claims he’s had to pay a staggering 260K (which is 1900) for his new CZ 527. That’s three times the price in the UK … and we think we’re being shafted by the dealers over here. Optics seem to be a bit cheaper … only 440 for a Leupold AR 4.5-14x40 T2…. which is 550 @ Uttings website.

    What struck me about the PakGuns site was the unfailingly courteous and polite nature of the exchanges and general banter going on in the various forums. It's so civil. I couldn’t find any instances of the bickering and brinkmanship which sometimes spoils the Stalking Directory for everyone. Something else too … the standard of written English is better in PG than on SD This is a bit worrying if it’s their second language, as I assume it is. The humour is different, but once you've cottoned on it's well worth the effort put into understanding it.

    The linkto the main rifle forum is:-
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    For the fans of the CZ527 here is a pretty new site I found the other day, still very slow but hope it will pick up.
    CZ 527 Enthusiast Community - Index


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    If you read through that Pakistani site and search out some Indian shooting forums, yes there are some, you will soon notice how they decry and bemoan the poor standards of their home produced stuff the guns come in for a real slagging. The Indians are about to or might have just introduced a copy of the Sauer 202. Don't know if Sauer licensed it, somehow I doubt it as they would not want such poorly made copies about. For instance here is a poor copy of the old BSA sporting rilfe based on the Lee Enfield action:-

    Note the accuracy/precision on target acceptance standards which in fact effectively restrict the hunting distance to that of a smooth bore musket:-


    With Standard Ammunition, the dispersion area will be 101.6 mm x 101.6 mm at 91.34 meters (100 Yds) and 304.8 mm x 304.8 mm at 274.32 meters (300 Yds) with a series of 6 shots with one elimination in both the cases.
    Ye s and also notice how to achieve this outstanding precision they only count the best Five shots out of six and can still only scrape a 4" group and 12" at 300 also notice that 304.8mm is exactly 12" seems they are really still working in imperial despite the official metric adoption claims. here is the Sauer rip off in 30-06 no less:-

    Note no claims on performance and precision on target can it really be that bad?
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    It appears that there's a bug in the transfer of embedded links in any posts transferred from Microsoft Word, which I wasn't aware of. Everybody likes to use the easy click feature to follow the narrative.

    My apologies for the unexpected. I've re-animated or resurrected the links which seem to have been killed off.
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    Would be seriously tempted in the laminate version if they did it in .204 ruger............but they don't!

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