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Thread: Excellent Service Indeed

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    Excellent Service Indeed

    For anyone who is requiring bino's serviced, I thought I would pass on some info.
    My wife called at an optics event at Lochwinnoch RSPB on Sunday and chatted to
    Dougie from Glasgow Binocular Repair about her binos.
    They are misting up and are about twenty years old. Do they need replaced she asked ?
    Let me have a look and see what can be done said Dougie.
    He took them away and lo and behold the phone rang this morning.
    Not only had he taken them to Glasgow for examination, he had cleaned them and returned them
    to Lochwinnoch today.
    Three day turnaround, and they are perfect once again.
    Oh and the best bit. No charge !!!!
    I don't know him from Adam but service like that needs to be recognised and applauded.
    Anyone out there with a similar problem could do worse than make contact with the company.

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    Yes spot on , he was recomended to me a while ago , sent me a pair down on trial .
    Sent him the cheque a week later excelent service .

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