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Thread: advice on a new .243

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    advice on a new .243

    I am about to buy a new 243, but need some more advice and info.
    Being a traditionalist I want one with a wood stock, not plastic, or even laminate for that matter. I would also like a detachable mag, not the floor plate type. The Remy 700 does one model that fits this profile so far and I think so does Tikka T3 I think, has anyone got any other names for me to consider? if so please speak up and let me sift through them all.Pre screw cut would be nice but that maybe asking too much.
    Start firing chaps!!!!

    regards Poddle

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    New .243

    Hello. Heym do some nice bolt actions, the SR21 I belive; Sako are always worth a look, I havent seen the new one but I have a 75 and it is excellent. Sauer and Steyr do some very nice traditional rifles. But a few names among many!

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    Have a good look at these as well mate, a lot of people scoff and poo poo them because of their lack of huge price tag, but they are well made and well finished and very accurate!
    prices from around £360 - £800 depending on model

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    Take a look at the steyr mannlichers. Very nice rifles. Also the tikka t3 is nice.

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    Remmies are ok and cheap at the minute as are rugers.

    the cz is good,

    howa are good,

    weatherby are good.

    tikka, sako, manlicker, mauser, merkel all are pretty good

    hell take the one you like the look of, fits you best and they are all pretty good and cheap now.


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    There is a mauser in simpsons of shepshed that is beautiful. I would like it but I have enough (for the time being). Its on guntrader and is a thing of beauty.

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    Mannlicher every time...that gorgeous twisted steel barrel is worth it alone!

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    I personally prefer synthetic, as it can be used and abused without the need to love and caress it when you get home

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    Quote Originally Posted by steyr 243
    Take a look at the steyr mannlichers. Very nice rifles. Also the tikka t3 is nice.
    This is my view on manlikers from another site.

    I would not buy new Steyr Manlicker on principle, they sold 5 million pounds worth of 50cal sniper rifles to Iran, the US and our Government objected but Steyr said that Iran had given them assurances that they would be only used for Police action.

    I have friends who have one each, one’s a classic and the other a Ultra Light, both have had issues getting them to shoot well, my Tikka or Howa still out shoot their Manlikers and they have spend hours with home loads ect to get them to shoot 1MOA.

    I would love an old Mannlicher-Schoenauer with a proper Mannlicher rotary magazine as a project. A another mate has one it has a exhibition grade walnut stock, it has been rebarreled in 6.5X55 Swedish rather than the original 6.5X54. It is so nice that he will only stalk with it in fine weather.

    Best rgds


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    I have a BRNO 243, it is a 1991 model I bought it in 2001, it was old stock NIB at 1991 prices, it has turned out to be an accurate rifle. I treat it quite mean really but it seems to take it all in it's stride.

    I think really that any modern maker would be accurate. If it were me I would get either a CZ or a Tikka T3 Lite.


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