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Thread: highlander/ bob parrat rexmoor trousers

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    highlander/ bob parrat rexmoor trousers

    Has anyone had any experience of these trousers? I've a mate with a pair who swears by them. They seem good value and I understand they are fc standard issue, in north west England anyway.



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    Is that Bob Parrat's in Milnthorpe?

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    If you say so weeman. I only know he is up cumbria way.


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    Will be about 10 minutes off J-35 M-6. As i live virtualy around the corner.
    I have bought quite a few things off him over the years, good service. His prices are cheaper than most, think i might know why like he sell's brasher boot for about 100 should be 140 ish. The other year i bought a sherwood heavy duty coat for 75 ecery one else 125. So maybe slighty seconds but never had a problem and never found anything.


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