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Thread: What a dingbat!

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    What a dingbat!

    Well i learned what a dingbat i am this morning! I took my Z6i (2.5-15x56) off my rifle as i was selling it to get another magnification and didnt put it in the box. Walked to the truck and whilst opening it put it on the roof. Various other things like dogs and a phone call took my mind away from it.
    Next thing whilst reversing the 2k scope rolls onto the floor! Damage was a ballistic turret broken off, bent tube by the front lens, and scratches everywhere.

    What a ****ing stupid mistake! 2000 bust! Household insurance will cover it (i hope) but now refund have to be given and no scope for a while.

    Lesson learnt!

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    Never Mind chopper, I think in all honesty most of us will have been a "dingbat" at one point !

    As you say Lesson Learnt.

    Atb, Buck.
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    I feel for you. My dingbat moment came when i was selling a car. All going well and confident of a sale took the car out for a test drive and had even agreed a price on the way back, pulling into the drive I caught the gate post putting a nice big dent and scratch all down the rear door. In my defence it was a tight fit but I must have done it thousands of times in the past. Needless to say the buyer didn't want it after that.

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    I of cause would never be caught doing something silly.

    While keepering on an estate last year i noticed a gun drive off with a gun on his car roof. I fortunately had his phone number to hand and was able to call him relatively quick. He didn't answer the call but pulled up in a layby to return the missed call, at the same time found the 15,000 gun nestled in slip against the roof bars. He new what the missed call was about without asking, not only an expesive gun but an inreplaceable heirloom also.

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    I'd read the small print on your insurance policy VERY carefully before making the call mate, just to be certain that the circumstances you describe are actually covered by your policy!

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    I thought Swarovski scopes were unbreakable?.......


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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    I'd read the small print on your insurance policy VERY carefully before making the call mate, just to be certain that the circumstances you describe are actually covered by your policy!
    exactly! might have to have happened inside the house, in which case you took it off the rifle on the first floor, walked across the room, slipped, and it flew out of your hand through the open window on to the garden path!!! LOL.

    I once drove off with a 300 pair of sunglasses on the roof, heard something drop, reversed to check, and at that point ran them over no insurance cover there..

    Also dropped my iphone (2 months old) into the tweed whilst wading, never to be found. insurance did not cover it as it was not stolen and I could not produce the damaged unit (river was in spate).

    I 'did' get covered for a broken labtop, I told them the wife was irate and through it at me,,they fully understood - true story..

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    I know of a guy who did the same thing with a shotgun - and it wasn't in a slip and it didn't stay on the roof. It was quite a mess when he found it on the road. I left an expensive camera magazine on the roof of an Astra van many years ago, the tail gate opened upwards if that's any defence. On this occasion I was photographing the wrong side of the main runway of an airport and being "experienced" with procedure I was last in the convoy crossing back across said runway. You know when you get the feeling something isn't right or you've forgotten something ? I was pondering exactly that when I remembered and looking in my rear view mirror saw the mag tumbling off onto the middle of the 747 M1. Do I leave it and risk it going into an aircraft engine or do I stop and pick it up and get a bo!!ocking ? I decided the bo!!ocking was coming anyway and stopped. On arrival back at base I did get bo!!ocked big time but the guy in charge accepted I had done the correct thing in the circumstances. Fortunately they continued to and still do use my services.
    The footnote to this tale is that I still use the magazine and there is only a very small dink on one corner - good old Victor Hasselblad.

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    what a bugg+r sorry to hear that ,mate did with his zeiss binos ......not covered as not specified on his policy hope yours is different mate ,after that i insured with bluefin all my shooting equipment ,guns, scopes, binos,mods, boots,coats all covered for 190 /yr fire, theft, accidental damage .
    hope alls well that ends well

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