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Thread: Highseat recommendations pleaes

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    Highseat recommendations pleaes

    Im in the market for a couple of highseats, its not something ive bought before so would appreciate some info.

    I dont mind whether its free standing or not, not even that fussed if its a single or double seat.

    After talking to a couple of people I get the impression that the Panther isnt that great?

    What have you gone for/used?
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    See Mereside from here, you can find him on my friends list.
    regards john
    ps wayne finish mine first.

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    I always recommend Paul Davis (PD Highseats) as the two I have from him have given sterling service.

    He makes fully galvanised free-standers or lean too's single or double.

    Free standing double high seat
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    Homemade an afternoons work and tailored to your needs.
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