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Thread: How have you set up your 4x4

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    How have you set up your 4x4


    I am just purchasing a Defender 90 hard top for a number of reasons but was wondering if anyone has done anything useful inside for setting their 4 x 4 up for deer stalking or Picking up?

    My thoughts so far are as follows

    Thick rubber floor mat
    Blue towl dispenser
    Multiple mounted cargo nets for "things"
    A shelf sort of thing for retaining guns or cartridges over the wheel box.
    Rear internal and external working light



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    ive got a ford ranger king cab with -

    3 1/2 ton winch bolted down onto the chassy

    ex forestry commission ramp that sits on the tail gate

    steel gun box behind the front seats and i took the back seats out and made a dog guard to fit .

    its my adaptation of a forestry commission ford ranger

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    I have a Hilux Surf and apart from fitting a set of mud tyres I just chuck everything in the cavernous boot which has a pound shop tarpaulin covering the carpet, but it hasn't worked because the carpet is still bloodstained. I did have a GunMate™ bolted in the back but it kept getting in the way.
    When I go foxing I have a suction mounted rest that attaches to the door and a set of roof bars that can be used to rest on from standing on the back bumper/step for extra elevation.
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    In my disco I folded the back seats up and built a plywood shell to go in there, I can hide all kinds of "crap" around the sides. A carcass tray (plasterer's bath) fits in nicely with some space left over.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I cut a rubber mat for the back of my hilux and screwed it to the tail gate. It allows dogs grip jumping in and stops them trapping their feet in the gap. I have a spotlight on the back for reversing when lamping. Its switched off most of the time. The last 3 vehicles I have had have all had a platform made from wood for about 30% of the back. My spaniels love to sit up on it and I have left the front open so I can slide guns/tools/game/carcase tray under it if I want.

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    "Blue towl dispenser" !!!

    Every 4x5 should definitely have one. Crucial on dumper trucks too, I'd have thought.

    You could wipe all the nasty mud and unmentionables off the tyres and never get bogged down, excellent idea.

    I see one company offering RoeBuck Green toweling... even better.

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    Just sold a landrover 90 county , mud plugging tyres , 9 inch shelf to take rifles and shotguns just behind the top seats with dog gaurd above that , ammo safe bolted to wheel arch and a very happy springer with all round vision . if work picks up i will buy another without hesitation

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    Rear working light, inside working light (OE light is like a birthday candle) cut out roof with frame work and lid for lamping, plug in points x2 for lamps, rubber matting.

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    Ex FC Ranger with all the bells and whistles so all I had to do was change a couple of the radio pre-sets, move the seat base back a notch, and adjust the mirrors (quite easy, they are electric).

    Actually one thing I did do was fit an inline fuse and female spade connectors to what had been the supply to the fag lighter to give a good aux power source.

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    For the internal light in my hardtop I got a 12v fluorescent tube assembly from a caravan / camping shop, meant to go in a caravan. Mounted it on the central roof strut and it works perfectly. Also have rubber mat which is smooth which makes it easy to wash blood and mud off. A plasterers bath fits sideways perfectly too. Mud terrain tyres also help, got stuck twice before I got them. Worst part was having a friend use a Hilux to recover me!

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