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Thread: Christmas Book

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    Christmas Book

    Can anyone suggest a good book for a game shot? Not a how to but more short story's on days out, famous shoots around the uk, different species and trips abroad etc type thing.

    Thanks Matt.

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    A friend of mine reads alot of BB's books, he raves about the descriptions which make you feel as if your actually there with him. I keep promising myself that i'll get around to reading some of them but not managed it yet. Possibly one for the new years must do list.

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    Thanks for that Pheasant Feeder but after reading "Tales of a carp fisher" I'm some what put off by BB if its the same one.

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    The Great Shoots , cant remember who wrote it

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    a good book for a foxer/terrierman is Dave Harcombs Every Mans Hand

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    BB (Dennis Watkins Pitchford) did write 'Confessions of a Carp Fisher' and 'A Carp Water (Wood Pool): And How to Fish It'
    as said not got around to reading any of his work, guess he might not be to everyones taste.

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    Confessions of a Carp Fisher that was it. I binned it after reading as he killed all his fish, I know that was the practice back then but it left a bad taste so to speak. But thank you anyway.

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    Birds Boots and Barrels by Giles Catghpole

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    A shooting diary and record journal makes a nice present
    Lasts a lifetime rather than just a quick read!

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    BB's books are classics, especially his wildfowling books, Tides Ending and Dark Estuary.

    With ref to killing fish you have to remember that this was in the middle of the last century, killing fish was common practise, they used to use gaffs for landing carp!
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