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    Tesco have installed a diagnostic machine, that for 5

    and a urine sample would diagnose any condition.

    When Jim went with a sore elbow the printout read

    "you have tennis elbow,soak it in warm water and avoid

    heavy work for two weeks"

    Impressed Jim wondered if he could fool the machine.

    He mixed tapwater with dog ****, urine samples from

    his wife and daughter, and then wanked into the

    mixture. when he tipped it into the machine the

    next day the printout read:

    1. your tapwater is to hard, use softner.

    2. your dog has ringworm, give it antibiotics.

    3. your daughter is on cocaine, get her to rehab.

    4. your wifes xpecting twins, not yours, get a lawyer.

    5. if you keep wanking your elbow won't get better!!

    Thankyou for shopping at Tesco!!
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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