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Thread: carbon fibre - the future?

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    carbon fibre - the future?

    Having just got the feeling back in my neck and shoulder after lugging around my tikka/Harris/pes combo, id be interested to hear members thoughts on carbon fibre barrels and stocks and whether they are a viable component for production rifles of the future?

    I know Emma custom rifles had some howa prototypes with carbon barrels and very nice they looked as well.

    Surely a carbon fibre barrel, titanium mod and carbon fibre stock would be the way forward for a lightweight stalking set up? What happened to the joint venture between Brock norris and others on this vein from a few years ago?


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    it would be interesting to here from people who build rifles what the recoil is like with carbon i am all for a light weight rifle but for me im using a 270 and 300 win and find a nice solid wood stock all be it heavier seem to handle recoil better than composite stocks will read with interest what peoples thaughts are on this,atb wayne

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    I must admit that I do not enjoy using any centrefire without a mod up front, so recoil would hopefully not be an issue for me anyway.


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    Both Christensen Arms (imported by the much-maligned Global Rifle) and Anglo Custom Rifle offer ultra-light rifles that make use of carbon-fibre stocks, and wrapped barrels. And, as per the "plastic silencer" thread, Anglo are also due to release a polymer CF moderator soon.

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    i had a rifle built and put a edge tech mcmillan stock on it only weighed 22 oz for the stock.

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    I've never actually handled a carbon stocked rifle, but surely if it's that light at the back it'll make the whole setup a bit front-heavy, wouldn't it, particularly once you've got a bipod and/or mod on there? Just a thought.
    Could always add some lead to the stock to balance it again I suppose......

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    Any input as to prices compared to more traditional steel barrels and synthetic stocks?

    If I was going lightweight I'd go the whole hog and want a titanium mod or an a-tec, so hopefully I wouldn't be too muzzle heavy!


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    A couple of points to make:-

    1) Are modern hunters so weak now that they cannot manage a normal rifle and recoil?

    2) Just how stable are these super lightweight rifles? For instance Whelen claimed too light weight a rifle and accuracy fell off due to it not holding steady.

    3) Is this just the latest must have fad aimed more at relieving your pockets of your loot or is it really an improvement?

    The clamour for light weight rifles is nowt new and has been going on in some quarters fro over half a century in sort of fits and starts. It becomes the in thing then fades away before resurfacing once more. Surely if it was sooooooo good it would have been sorted out and most rifles and not just the few would have been made like it by now?

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    Take off the bipod and the moderator and put on a light fixed mag scope! You might need to hone a few more skills like getting closer and learning to shoot without all the aids but it would save weight and money!


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    Not weak it just makes sense to me to minimise the weight of kit i carry around.

    Production methods and technological advances are constantly changing in all fields, so no doubt there are some improvements to be made in rifle construction that may turn out to be worthwhile.


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