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Thread: Driven Pheasant Shooting swap for Venison

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    Driven Pheasant Shooting swap for Venison

    Due to a farm sale I am unable to stalk my main Fallow farm until next season. I am in need of a freshly shot Fallow carcass (or 2 x Roe?) to fullfill a charity donation.

    I can offer a days driven Pheasant shooting as my guest on my 'keepers day in late December. I am expecting a 50 bird day minimum.

    The shoot is on the Northants/Warwickshire borders.

    Would this be of interest to anyone in exchange for a freshly shot Fallow sized carcass?

    Please note I am not asking to be taken out, just the supply of the meat.

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    Tikka, If you're not already sorted out, I should be able to help. Give me a call on 07825972249 or email
    Best wishes,

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    Both myself and Deerstalker308 were able to help Tikka out with some venison and we both took him up on the kind offer of a days shooting yesterday. We had a great day in really good company. Really good to help each other out and make new friends along the way. Thanks again guys. Best wishes, Glyn.

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    It was indeed a good day Glyn, and from my point of view it was great to meet two true gentlemen, and to make new friends.

    My personal thanks go to both of you for helping me out with your venison, and I am sure the thanks of the charity will be forthcoming
    in the New Year when the auction is completed, I will keep you updated as to the final amount raised.

    Thanks once again, Andy
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    Thanks to you both, as Glyn said, it was a great days shooting and really good company, nice to meet everyone. Glyn, I'll be in touch with you in the not too distant future, it'd be great to see how things work a Holkham.
    Andy, I hope you raise a good sum for the charity auction, if you're ever in this neck of the woods give me a shout.

    All the best, Andy

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