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Thread: Pes t12 mod

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    Pes t12 mod

    Hi been offered a nearly new pes t12 sound mod 30 calibre. 150. Its to go on my .243. Deal or no deal ? Also will I be expecting to buy another after a few years as I believe they are a fixed unit and cant strip them down to clean. Cheers neal

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    Best mod I've had the pleasure of shooting with, and Ive tried a few, not sure if a 30 cal one will be the best sound moderation on a .243 though, can't remember if they use the same size bore? As for strippability, keep it cleaned regularly, and it will last for many years, they are solidly built (which also massively reduces muzzle flip and recoil). DEAL!

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    deal i have one it really is spot on ,atb wayne

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    they unscrew to allow access to th emain chamber where most of the crud collects
    well over 200 new I would say depending on condition then its a deal

    you will need a barrel specific rear bush cut.
    speak to steve kershaw, he did a spare one for me for something like 15 posted.
    I just measured the barrel at the back with calipers and he did the rest

    have one on my 243 and all my rimfires.
    great mods

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    Deal, have a .30 cal on my .243 works brilliantly.

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    got one on my 223 cant fault it

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    I`ve just put one on Guntrader,i`ts 243 proofed, and i got it of Steve Kershaw.Fab mod,but i don`t use it very much. It is 25quid more than the one u`ve been offered mind-glen

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    deal, got one on .270 does the job well, think they are all stainless steel construction too, so should last.

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