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Thread: Nissan X-Trail AT tyres

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    Nissan X-Trail AT tyres

    Forum member Adamant very kindly put me in touch with some people he had encountered at a game fair who could provide some AT type tyres to fit my Nissan X-Trail as I'd been searching for nearly 2 years for some.

    My X-Trail came with 215/60 R17 tyres and it appeared that, certainly here in the UK, there wasn't an all terrain tyre available that would fit. There are, however, quite a few to fit 16 inch rims but I didn't want to spend a fortune on new rims if possible. However Adamant had discovered that the Yokohama Geolandar GO12 ATS in 225/60 R17 would fit and, even more amazingly, that there were a few available here in the UK. They seem to be readily available in Australia where the X-Trail appears to get a lot more off road use than here in the UK and I suspect that the Australians rate it quite highly. It also seems to be the case that more recent X-Trails come with 225 width tyres rather than the 215 that are fitted to mine.

    Despite Christmas being just around the corner and my wanting to save the cash after two years of searching I wasn't going to hang about and so quickly placed an order for 4 tyres which arrived on Monday and were fitted by a local tyre place on Tuesday. Today was the first day that I've actually driven any distance on them and from what I can see they are no more noisey than the standard factory fit Dunlops which came on the car. I can also notice little or no difference in the feel of the car on the road and based on what little off road driving I've done on them (about 6 - 7 miles mostly on forestry tracks) they would appear to be quieter and give better feel and a slightly softer ride than the Dunlops did. They don't appear to rub anywhere in the wheel arches and because the difference in size is very small indeed the effect on the speedo reading is about a needle's width at 70mph.

    I ordered from a company called County 4X4 who appear to be a part of Stapleton's. Delivery was prompt and although postage to Northern Ireland was a little expensive it came in at around what I expected to post such a large and heavy object.

    So, there is hope for all those X-Trail owners out there - reports on performance or unforseen problems will follow should there be anything to report.

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    For 4x4 tyres give Auchinlea Tyres a call {Motherwell, Scotland} Fantastic price and stock.

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    Forgive me for asking (I have the same problem), but I had thought if you moved up to 225 width you would need to change the aspect ration to 55 (i.e. go for a 225/55R17 W 97 fitment). Otherwise you inevitably lose some ground clearance. What aspect ratio do the more recent X-Trails running 225's have?

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    I believe that the more recent cars are 60s as well, though I'm not 100% sure on that.

    In actual fact the problem with taller, and wider, tyres is clearance from the wheel arches and other parts of the body of the car. That I can see this is not going to be a problem with the Yokos unless extremes of angle/articulation turn up an issue.

    225 tyres are 10mm wider than the standard 215 tyres and with a 60 ratio tyre that means they are about 6mm deeper which actually adds up to a little extra ground clearance. In truth with such a small difference you are probably within the manufacturing tolerence of the tyre by the time you consider inflation, weight on the car and so on, and also in the relams of the changes due to tyre wear - if you start with 13mm of tread depth as is the case on the Yokos and run them down to the legal limit of 1.6mm then that is 11.4mm worn off the tyre which is nearly twice the difference between the 215 and 225 tyres. I guess given this that worn All Terrain tyres, which usually have deeper tread, have the potential to actually end up smaller than a 215 road type tyre. Of course this assumes that the measurement includes the tread depth and isn't like headspace and indexed on some random point on the tyre short of the actual tread.

    Clearly this will also have an impact on the speedo but if my logic is correct then the impact will be small and may actually at some point in the wear of the tyre be within the same limits we see with a 215/60 road type tyre.

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    You make good points - sounds like you have found a viable solution. Could you tell roughly what teh cost of the tyres is?

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    The X-trail has an excellent japanese designed 4x4 system but do not forget that it has a Renault engine, fuel system and electronic engine management. So start saving now and you may be able to afford the repair bills.

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    I paid 120 each for the tyres which is a little less than it would have cost to replace with the factory standard Dunlops.

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    Many thanks for the info - I will consider

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    I will try and file a better off-road report - I usually do about 20 miles per week off road but because of other stuff will probably not be off road again until mid January - at the minute they have driven a few forestry tracks, climbed one very steep gravel/muddy hill and been out a few farm tracks this morning. While they did this fine and probably with a little less drama than the Dunlops most of it would have been within the capabilities of a carefully driven 2WD car on road tyres so it is hardly a good test.

    On road (based on only about 150 miles now) they seem to perform the same as the dunlops though by the nature of the vehicle I'm not driving it hard on the road. They seem good enough on the road that I would be happy enough to fit them as the "standard" tyre even for longer holiday runs in summer etc. when I had thought I might put the Dunlops back on as the ones that came off have some life left in them yet.

    So, at present apart from the cash involved I can see no down side with them at all and they hopefully give me a little more margin for error in off road type situations.

    If you decide to take the plunge I will be interested in your views Neal, good luck with the decision making process.

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