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Thread: twice in one week

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    twice in one week

    Been out foxing twice this week and accounted for another 4 foxes.
    Why are we seeing more foxes on what i call a (Dirty Night) high winds etc as opposed to a still night. Monday there were eye's everywhere but last night we didnt see as many. We were out on the ground at around the same time, any ideas chaps? Thanks Luke

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    It's the mating season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Yeh i am aware of that one. The point is I see more on a rough night than a clear one regardless of the mating season

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    We went out Tuesday and was blowing a gale. Saw 4 and shot 3! Wind was so bad we took 270 instead of 223!

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    their out every night , its somehing your doing . If your killing a few terretorys get bigger , you need to let them settle down unless your keepering then you need to be out as much as you can now , killing breeding stock . In this case lamping helps , but isnt the answer , you need to run as many snares as you can and get round the earths with a terrier at least once a fortnight

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    Thanks trouble we are lamping on about 4-5 hundred acres over about 5 farms all within a 10 mile radious there is no shortage of foxes as we've only been shooting this ground for about 12 weeks and shot 18 of off it already, Some realy big dog foxes cracking peice of ground.

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    I think the reason that you're seeing more when the wind is blowing is a) that they find it easier to creep up on prey, and b) they find it easier to avoid other foxes, and so minimise the risk of getting unnecessarily beaten-up. This means that they can move around a lot more openly. When conditions are quieter, they have to be a lot more covert.

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    out on wenesday nite i was on the lamp and its was blowing a gale never seen a thing went out last nite (still no wind and seen 2)

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    I agree with paddy! a windy night is a hunters night! i don't bother taking my lurcher out if it aint windy, always get more success in those type of conditions! i dare say it's the same when foxing.. you will always hunt into the wind so your smell an any noises will be blown away from your quarry along with any broken twigs underfoot being masked by the movement from the trees! i agree that foxes are out every night but i wonder if on these type of nights they change their style of hunting along with a change of quarry? not much point hanging round listening for mice or voles in a 20mph wind! whilst they could be using the conditions to stalk larger prey!

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