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    mtc scopes

    hello chaps does anyone use or have knowledge of MTC scopes in particular the viper model? heard some good reports about them and for around 2OO quid mark look like a good buy, would apreciate any info from you guys as ive bin thinking about one for a while now cheers hornet.

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    MTC Viper

    Hi Hornet, I have an MTC Viper and would say that it is very similar in quality to the Simmons I also have. Not in the same league as Swarovski, Zeiss, S&B, etc. you really notice the difference when the light starts to fade. Dependant upon what you want it for, If it's stalking then my recommendation would be to save your money and get a S/H quality scope S&B 8x56 or similar. The only 'cheaper' brand I have been impressed by was the Meopta but they don't seem too easy to come by.
    To my mind the MTC is too complicated, fine on a .17 if you're sniping bunnies but I wouldn't put one on a stalking rifle.
    Just my humble opinion

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    I had a 4-16x50IR with a combo I bought to sell on. I was able to compare it with my 7x50 Meopta.
    It is user friendly, the side wheel was nice to use. Some of the paint had worn off the very edge of the side wheel due to use. The finish on the inside of the sunshade thing was a little rough
    Optically it is nowhere near the Meopta, colour is not as good, and I did not take them both out at dusk it was not quite as sharp as the Meopta in daylight. I found the reticle too thick as well for me.
    I cannot see why you need x16 when stalking, may be for foxing, but that's me.

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    TA ladsthanks for that

    Thanks for that gents nice to hear from people who have used a product, already have a decent scope on the .243 was thinking of putting one on the .22 hornet for charlie,food for thought!! dont want owt to expensive on foxing rifle, you know how barbed wire ect seems to find expensive gear,so might go for 1 thanks for the advice HORNET

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    You may be better of with the Mamba if you decide get an MTC the turrets are low and capped were as the Viper has target turrets so are easier to catch and are not capped. Also if you get it with the SCB recticule just need to work out your bullet drop so all you have to do is use the aiming marks below the cross hair to aim off.

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