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Thread: Any hidden gems in .223?????

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    Any hidden gems in .223?????

    The point is I will soon be in the market for a .223 Will want to rig it with a good probably fixwd scope and use my half inch threaded cmm mod. The thing is I see Tikka/Sako etc as the front runners in most calibres on here but go to guntrader and the list then becomes endless. Looking at the 500 mark for the rifle to give the price circa 800 for a nice set-up if I can do it. What other rifles in this calibre are worth considering? Jim

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    You may know this already, but the Tikka and the Sako are rather different propositions. The Tikka T3 is a .30-06 action whereas the Sako is a much lighter small scale .22 Centrefire action, and priced accordingly.

    When I was looking for a .223 there was a secondhand Tikka LH, but I decided to go for a new CZ. These are rimfire size. There are plenty on GT:-[NewType][]=Rifle&Filter[NewMechanism][]=Bolt%20Action&Filter[Calibre][]=.223&Filter[Make][]=BRNO&Filter[Make][]=CZ

    If these take your fancy avoid the cheaper Lux with sights (first suggestion), fullstock, or carbine. Go for the American or Varmint models which have a stock designed for 'scope sight use. If it helps, every one I've seen has the year of manufacture stamped on the barrel so its' age should be evident

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    dont over look Winchester mod 70 also

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    Browning X-Bolt ?
    Mine will be for sale after xmas as I never seem to use now I have a .22 hornet.


    PS: It is also threaded 1/2 x20 instead of the normal M14

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornet 6 View Post
    Browning X-Bolt ?
    Mine will be for sale after xmas as I never seem to use now I have a .22 hornet.


    PS: It is also threaded 1/2 x20 instead of the normal M14
    if i go for any new rifle in the future it will be one of these,

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    Attachment 10765Attachment 10766Attachment 10767pending my variation might sell this but may be too heavy for what you want

    but pm if interseted

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    I love my remmy 700 VS, but then it is the only .223 I have owned, Howa are good (I have a 2.43) I do like a heavy barrel tho
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    Pending the return of my variation which should be very soon I intend to sell my sako 75 in .223 it's already moderated and scoped. Pm me if you are interested

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