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Thread: Girls and Guns Calendar

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    Girls and Guns Calendar

    The missus has had a girly calendar for this year so I've told her it's my turn for this coming year for a calendar of my choice . Now, after having a bit of a squint on the web I'm struggling to find something this side of the pond that's any good. Several years ago I got a great Girls and Guns type calendar from Eddie Parks (I think?) but cant find any info on this .

    Although it might come to it, can anyone recommend anything apart from the Hot Shots one?

    Cheers, Mukiwa

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    would this suit?

    tactitcal calendar

    PS: Dont search for girls with weapons!!
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    I believe Edgar brothers have a good un out this year.
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    Yet another 7mm 08 user ..................... if Carlsberg made calibers.........................

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    upporting Help for Heroes apparently... Rude not to!

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    Ha, love the Women in Waders. Keep them coming....

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    Limulus, I do like it, thats more along the lines.

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    dont the Field have one of various female hunting shooting fishing clubs in a state of tactful undress?
    forget what it is called.

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    Yes - they seem to feature a different nude charity calendar each month!

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