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    bullet puller

    Hi Guys, i have just entered into the world of reloading and wondering if any member has a spare bullet puller or one that they dont use for sale,before i go and buy one.
    Regards Neil

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    Hi Neil,

    Best to buy a new one they only about twenty pounds and if it cracks you can take it back

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    Inertia bullet pullers suck wind. If you want a good one go for the RCBS "collet" type bullet puller.

    If you just neerd tro pull a few, try this. Take a pair of common pliers, glue some leather (or rubber) to the inside of the jaws. Put the loaded round in your shell holder and raise the ram so that the cartridge passes through the threaded hole the die screws into. Grab the bullet with the padded jaws of the pliers, and lower the ram. The pliers will stop at the top of the press, and the bullet will be pulled free from the case as you continue to lower the ram.~Muir

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muir View Post

    If you just .....neerd tro ....pull a few, try this. .~Muir
    Seasons greetings Muir. Have another JB ;-)

    +1 on the collet puller (I've got the Hornady one & it's great) but the pliers idea looks good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyefor View Post
    Seasons greetings Muir. Have another JB ;-)

    +1 on the collet puller (I've got the Hornady one & it's great) but the pliers idea looks good.
    Not JB for this boy! Haitian Rum. But in this case, it was sitting down in front of the one-eyed monster after a 6 hour drive across icy roads in rural Montana pulling a 25' trailer hauling a full sized auto -in 30-40 mph gross winds no less. I was a little bleary-eyed, it seems! Nice trip tho. Went up the night before so didn't see much but dark. On the return trip however, saw large numbers of mule deer including a few above-the-mantle worthy bucks. Also saw 8 bald eagles, a few coyote and countless antelope. Seeing wildlife always takes the stress off of a tough drive.

    Merry Christmas! by the way...~Muir

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    Ilike the interia style ones, you can alter OAL without pulling the bullet
    couple of whacks moves the bullet out of the neck ready to reseat.

    only issue is sometime the tips can be deformed.
    glue a foam earplug or similar in the bottom and you are sorted

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    I hate those inertial pullers. I can't tell you how many hours I'd spent whacking cartridges apart using one before I got the RCBS unit.

    Back to the pliers suggestion. I took a set of electricians' wire connector crimpers and modified it to use for pulling bullets. The nose area is flat and long, and rests against the top of the press well. A tough rubber flange epoxied to the opposing jaws makes quick work of grabbing a bullet. No marring, either. Total cost: about $3 US.~Muir

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