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Thread: Tikka mounts

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    Tikka mounts

    Quick question regarding the fitting if tikka mounts.

    My curiosity has been raised by a recent magazine article (cant't remember the exact publication, although shooting times comes to mind) where the fitting of mounts with an 'arrrestor' was described. The tikka mounts I possess have an arrestor that overhangs the bottom of the mouns, presumably to hang down into the ejection port.

    I would have thought that the mount with the arrestor would be fitted to the rear of the two, to prevent the recoil moving the zero. However, the author of the article suggested that the arrestor mount be fitted at the front of ejection port, as zero is affected where the rifle recoils under the scope/mounts and the scope/mounts try to remain in the same place.

    So my (longwinded!) question is this:

    Should the mount with the arrestor be fitted at the front or rear of the pair?



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    If it is the same style of mount that I had on a M65 some years ago the arrester "block" should be on the rear mount. The only way that I can think of to describe it is " a large srew" on the front edge of the block which projects down into the ejection port.
    If you think about it the rifle will recoil to the rear on firing and the scope and mount will initially want to remain stationary. The arrestor arangement should ensure that everthing moves as one, otherwise inertia could potentially move the mounts forward progressively on each shot.

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    Cheers for the reply 8x57. I understand what you are saying, but surely your explanation supports the theory that the arrestor should be on the front mount? This will prevent the scope and rings remaining stationary, instead they will be pusjed back, along with the rifle, during recoil.


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    The idea is that everything moves together.

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    I'm sure the arrestor screw is located at the back of the mount and not infront of the ejection port.

    I'm not sure why but it work's. I have had experance of arrestor lug's infront of the ejection port shearing on an old Tikka 30-06 about 10 years ago due to stress.

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    I've been looking around for pictures in old catalogues showing the arrangement but have been unable to find a photograph. Comparing other similar systems in use I am beging to think that it probably doesn't really matter, though the norm seems to be the rear block is arrested.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	TIKKA-MOUNT.gif 
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ID:	4671 click to enlarge.

    In this pic you can clearly see the recoil arrestor on the front mount overhanging the ejection port, the mount is usually fitted here but i have also seen it fitted in the rear position, the orientation must be the same whether fitted front or rear. Newer tikka rifles have a slot milled near the front of the port, this is for the pin on the newer opti-lock mounts. SAKO rifles work on the same principal but have a slot milled on the rear dovetail to accept the arrestor pin.

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    This may not be a Tikka but it shows the same recoil arrestor idea:-

    The lug butts up against the face of the front ring in the loading/ejection port.

    The view of the mount from the underside showign clearly the recoil lug. Brno believed in belt and braces as the clamping claw on the rear of the mount fits snuggly intot he recess machined into the rear dovetail so also acts as a locator and recoil arrestor.

    The older Tikkas had Tapered dovetails so that recoil tighten the mounts grip in the receiver. I just picked up a pair of early Tikka mounts that have this arrangement.

    It's spring powered air rifles that move the scope rearwards due to their double recoil. Centre fire rifles move the scope forwards.

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    The idea of the arrester is to stop the scope sliding along the dovetails under recoil.
    The recoil of the rifle goes backwards and the scope being only clamped to the top wants to stay still which in reality wants to move forward on the grooves. So to prevent this the arrester needs to be at the front of the ejection port ( Basic Engineering ) unless someone has a better idea

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