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Thread: Moderator sent down range with bullet.

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    Moderator sent down range with bullet.

    So I was RO'ing for the club at bisley yesterday on Short Siberia and a fella from one of the adjacent points fired a shot. I saw what I initially thought was a neoprene mod cover go a little ways down range, nothing too unusual there.

    As it turns out it wasn't just the cover, it was the whole mod!
    Now this fella was understandably a bit excited and was all for just walking out to collect it, while everyone else was still shooting

    Anyway, crisis was averted, shooting stopped and mod collected without further incident. Turns out that the rifles spigot OD was too large to allow the mod to be screwed on properly so it was only getting a fraction on the appropriate thread before butting up to the spigot. Amazingly the mod wasn't damaged.

    See something new everyday...

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    A few of us witnessed something similar at this year's H4H shoot. I won't say who the embarassed shooter was.

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    AAAW come on!............... describe it as it really was!, A baton round strike on deer!
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    It was quite impressive - 80 yards I believe, and the offending bullet still hit the centre of the target

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    mike your too much of a gent

    regards pete .

    Quote Originally Posted by 8x57 View Post
    A few of us witnessed something similar at this year's H4H shoot. I won't say who the embarassed shooter was.

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    I had an early (pre-production) Husher mod on a .243 head down-range some years back: or at least the front two sections of it did, the rear section remained securely screwed to the muzzle, looking like a cartoon flea collar. It was replaced with an improved model, which gave no cause for complaint BTW.

    The moderator went about 30m, but as above, the failure didn't seem to affect the path of the bullet, which must have been well on its way to the target before the pressure wave overcame the grip of the thread.

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    The offending moderator was not a PES per chance ???

    Seen this a few times on this moderator.

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