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Thread: Pro Hunter Suit.

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    Pro Hunter Suit.

    Hi there was wondering if anyone could tell me how well they find the harkila pro hunter suit and how it performs?
    Many thanks

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    Its a cracking suit , only fault on the new one theres no second zip to attach a inner fleece .
    If your in a high seat or waiting around for any length of time you do feel cold , i dont tend to use the hood as it restricts my hearing .

    Plenty of pockets for all your bits and pieces , go for the braces on the trousers as they do tend to get weighted down .

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    Top bits of kit.The only downside is with the jackets that seem very tight around the legs and restrict climbing over things.Actually have a couple of brand new jackets still tagged and a pair of troosers if your looking for a suit.If this contravenes forum rules mods please remove.

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    Had mine for about a year now.

    As already stated it's got loads of pockets, zips and area's to stash your kit and extra ammo if required. The hood I find useful and well designed if you use the elasticated drawstrings to fit it right.

    Under arm vents via a large zip and a good sized and lined game pocket at the rear.

    The trousers I find are very well designed and compared to some brands I find the fit is generous.

    The material is another bonus.. I've lost count of the barbed wire rips and tears in some of my other kit. With the Pro Hunter it just doesnt seem to suffer and snag like the others...

    After a year it's been the best outfit I've purchased over the years and with an extra fleece inside you avoid the cold whilst sitting up.



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    As said above great suits and hard to fault. I have been out in some really wet weather and it always performs.

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    I have had mine just over a year now as well, cant fault it realy,maybe the price but you only get what you pay for fella.

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    i can recommend the Harkila extreme, same as the prohunter but with waterproof leather to the front of the trouser, you wont feel a bramble again !

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    Ive only got the Pro Hunter jacket and only had it for a couple of months now but really like it. I have been chilly in it but i only wear a t-shirt and shirt normally if im stalking opposed to sitting in a high seat.. the hood is very good with adjustments so it doesnt restrict your view, good pockets, well built and dry although mine is new..

    I would buy one again..

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    Can't recommend Harkila stuff enough, my Swedish mate introduced me to it about 6 or 7 years ago and i tend not to buy any thing but, have trousers, jackets fleeces, gloves, even there longjohns which are great, and have just got a pair of their Big Game GTX boots which were tested out on four days at the hinds when the outside of them never got a chance to dry out for the four days, and still kept my feet dry and warm.

    +1 on the Harkila Extremes, Prometheus.

    Got a new pair of the Extreme trousers and only had them on a day, two of us were getting a large stag over a stock fence, managed to get the stag over but his head flipped and a tine went through, in and back out, the knee of my brand new trousers, the fact that they are leather fronted may have saved the tine going into my knee cap, but that still didn't compensate for for a hole in the new trousers.


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    Have the Pro Hunter Lite great for stalking. In winter wear a base layer and thermals if your going to be sitting in a high seat.

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