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Thread: Bushnell Elte Binoculars 8x43

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    Bushnell Elte Binoculars 8x43

    Hi All,

    I have a pair of as new binoculars up for sale never taken out of the house, cracking optics just prefer my 10 power elites, theres a couple of pairs on ebay at the moment for 550, I'm looking for 425. Great in low light conditions, brought a pair after looking through a freinds pair and spotting deer i couldn't see with my eyes or my scope.

    Many thanks Matt

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    Would consider a px with cash adjustment for something from the big three manufactuers in europe with illuminated reticle. Really after an Swarovski Z6i 3-18x50 bt gen 2, but would consider anything! Or range finder bins from Lieca, swarovski or ziess

    Atb Matt

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    Postage included

    350 posted would consider a swap for a berreta extrema 2 fac or non fac plus cash adjustment or .22 theoben rapid airgun fac or non fac.

    Atb Matt

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    back up for sale swap didn't happen, Model number is 630843

    atb Matt

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    Sale agreed with "woodmaster" pending payment

    Atb Matt

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