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Thread: do i smell ?

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    do i smell ?

    iwill try again i am a englishman living in belgium
    i have been a fulltime keeper for 20 years
    i have a .22 also a .243 and have just brought a 30.06 so i can have a go at the local sport of driven big game .a little different to what goes on in the uk
    lets see if someone will reply now knowing that i am english and not jonny foriegner!!!!!!??????
    i have stalking experince of muntjac, roe and fallow all of which was done whilst i lived in the uk now i am out here it is all driven and so as my 1st post said i miss the stalking and could swap something different for some stalking

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    Welcome to the site and nice to see that our support base from the beyond our shores is growing.
    I haven't got any stalking to swap but I notice in your post you mention that you do things differently in Belgium I am sure folks on this site would be interested to hear how things are done over there. Look forward to reading about it.

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    Welcome 1289, its good to hear from you. I would be interested to know what the firearms legislation is like in Belgium and what the sporting opportunities are.

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    Welcome mate friend comrade etc etc etc You don't need a welcome just join in mate

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    Welcome to the site 1289drew, no you don`t smell.

    It`s nothing personnal it`s just the amount of people joining of late it`s hard to keep up, but it is good to have you on board, just get stuck in and share your knowledge and stories.


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    Smell? of course you smell, everybody does just breathe in through your nose and if there is something nasty there you will smell it.

    You are most welcome to the site and I for one would like to read an account two of the driven hunting, also the firearms law regarding gun ownership etc, you never know when these things will come in handy. I live North of the border so I have nothing that would interest you I am afraid, but someone will I expect.


    PS owing to the fact that we were a bit behind in our welcomes, I have cancelled this years staff outing. Malcolm, Mark and myself were going to the Bahama's for a fortnight, but no more!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB
    Smell? of course you smell, everybody does just breathe in through your nose and if there is something nasty there you will smell it.
    Welcome to the site 1289drew, I'm new here myself. Just a thought, if we didn't smell, just think how much easier it would be to get within range of our quarry We wouldn't always need to get Downwind

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    not from where i am mate !

    Just crack on there , we have a variety of fragrances on this site !, we are working to get a complete fragrance that will suit us all.
    I love sprouts incidentally
    Regards Trapper

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    id say welcome 2 but im a comlete newbie myself, maybe you could open some doors for some of the guys on here to shoot a bit further afield?

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    Hi 1289
    i can't smell a bl**dt thing so i frankly " i dont give a damn"
    i'm pritty new to the site myself but it wont take long to get to know
    a few people good luck

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