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Thread: Sika Sack

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    Sika Sack

    Hi all.

    Bought a Sika sack from Poppins a while back and just had my first opportunity to use it( after some tutelage from Tartinjock on how to carry it when not in use). Fitted a Sika pricket in no bother at all and was a welcome change from carrying them over my shoulder using a roe strap. Good bit of kit.



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    glad you like .always nice to have feed back.

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    I have also tried out the Sika sack recently, a Roe fitted with plenty of space to spare. Three reds proved to be more of a challenge. Like all equipment best not to break it so the reds had to be dragged. A very good quality bag fit for purpose.


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    what other roe sacks are on the market that are good quality?

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    Sorry. No Photos. Not great where thats concerned! I'll try and remember next time. Suffice to say I could have put a larger carcase in the sack, ie a hind, with ease. Much better than the strap across the shoulder I've been using up to now.

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    Oh yeah. Without a doubt. In fact theres another thread on the forum with photos. a review of my new Fallow/Sika sack. Not sure if that'll work but if not put sika sack in the search engine at the top and I think the thread title is Sika Sack/yule sack/roe sack.


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    will have to eat more weetabix i have a job to drag a f prickit lrt alone carry one ,mind you 100lb prickits ,perhaps i'm just a wimp!

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    norma dragging them is a right pain in the arse I quite agree. Once its up on your back like 2 bags of wheat its much better.

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