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Thread: East cottingwith shoot

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    East cottingwith shoot

    I'm just posting to thank all at cottingwith shoot on saturday it was my first proper day since been blown up and the use of the quad to get to my peg was fantastic the day was very enjoyable and I'm looking forward to going again and seeing everyone thanks again

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    How did it go did you get anything?

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    It was a pleasure to have you there and you are welcome back at any you can get to.I had three phone calls sat evening saying you could have thier places.
    I was suggested you may know others injured like yourself and we put a day on for a team

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    Well done to all involved, i bet it was great too be out after going through so much.

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    Yeah it was a good day my shooting ain't the best but I did manage a couple of partridge and a pigeon hardest part was staying balanced lol good times

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