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Thread: Heads-up on cheap Merino wool base layers!

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    Heads-up on cheap Merino wool base layers!

    I know a lot of you rate Merino wool as the best base layer.

    If you have a TK Maxx nearby it is worth checking out as they have 100% Australian Merino wool tops at half price. I picked up a crew-neck long sleeve top for 25 rather than 50 and I think they also had some zip-necked too which might have been a couple of quid more.

    Mine will be getting a try out on Saturday morning with Colin at New Abbey!



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    aldi had merino top and bottoms 30 the pair on sat

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    Aldi ones are hand wash cold only sadly.

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    you can pretty much boil wash any wool product so long as you start cold and bring it up and down to temperature slowly.
    its the cold shock of a rinse that kills wool

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    These are defo machine washable. Feel like they will be reasonably warm so prob not a lightweight warm weather set but should be good for the cold stuff. As it's all got a bit wintry here I might try it out tonight!

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    only wash mine at xmas anyway deer like that musty smell especially during the rut

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    Excellent, better than the ones I had a while back. Could have saved a fortune by now.

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