A father speaking to his 10 yr old sone one day, son, he says, I think it`s time I told you about the birds and bees, to which, the 10 yr old started sreaming and crying
The father asked him what was wrong, to which the 10 yr old replied.
Well dad, when I was 4 you told me the easter bunny didn`t exist, it took me a fortnight to get over that !
Then when I was 6, you told me that the tooth fairy was just a myth ! I was absolutley gutted, took me a month to get over that 1 !
Then even worse,when I was 8, you told me that Father Christmas didn`t exist !! well,that was the one that did it for me, took me 6 months of crying and sobbing to come to terms with that !
Now your gonna tell me that adults don`t have sex, I`ll have nothing to look forward to in this life

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