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    As per admin request here goes.

    I am based in Ayr, SW Scotland. My main interests are beating and hopefully trialling with my springer (18 months) and lab (2 years old) and I also have a lab pup (5 months old). This is my first season beating and it has certainly highlighted my and my dogs needs.

    My other interest is stalking. I've been going out on the hill since I was 13, initially used as muscle to drag beasts off the hill but shot my first Highland Red Stag when I was 17 - I now try and get up north to a special wee spot twice a year for the Stags and Hinds respectively.

    I am hoping to complete my DSC 1 & maybe DSC 2 next year and who know's what thereafter - I may find a job outside of Insurance!!!

    I fanyone has tips for DCS 1 commenst welcome (or do I need another post). I have the reading material and am looking for the best place to go for the course. again all advices welcome.

    Oh, and I used to be a chef so if anyone needs any tips let me know.

    Nice to be hear


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    Welcome to the site....I did my DSC1 a few years back on a BDS course and found it very good. There is a venison recipies heading on the main forum page.....perhaps share a few of your favorites with us?

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    Welcome Cube i think we met before on THL i shoot in AYRSHIRE and do very well i might add you should be ok for a good few roe on that coast. I wish you well with your LEV1 its not rocket science just make sure you know all the answers and you are sure to pass.

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    Welcome to the site, cut my teeth on Red deer as well. Look forward to reading your posts

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    Hello and welcome to the site cube. I used to be in a syndicate just outside crosshills in Ayreshire, so know the place a little and done quite a bit of culling down in Galloway forest district
    Like 6.5x55 says level 1 aint rocket science and there is a very good level 2 AW friend of mine that lives not too far from you.


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    I did a lot of stalking at a cross hill farm in may-bole Wadsa not the same place i wouldn't think. aw names not Davie F is it.

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    No, 6.5x55 it is Ewen K, he actually lives in Crosshills itself, just passed the cemetry. My syndicate was about 3-4 miles back out across the cross roads.


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    Small world and a nice bit of country i shot a large area round cumnock not been there for a long time

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