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Thread: Smallest legal calibre advice

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    Smallest legal calibre advice

    Hi guys - your help would be appreciated.

    I seem to be going in circles with the choice of calibre for my new rifle.

    The problem is I want one rifle to cover fox control, stalking and European sport - boars in particular.

    I don't want to go OTT - and having found that the 6.5x55 I was going to opt for isn't legal for boar here or abroad - I want the next option up.

    Im guessing this would be a .270 or 7mm 08.

    Do either of these calibres have any particular positive or negative points?



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    I assume from your calibre suggestions that you'll be shooting in France, and therefore denied the obvious .308/.30-06?

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    Who says the 6.5x55mm is not legal for boar here in the UK?

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    7x57 is frequently quoted as a minimum calibre for Boar on drives in Europe.

    That is also known as a .275 Rigby - a gorgeous soft shooting, heavy hitting, deep penetrating round.

    Of course, it was a classic stalking round - it could never be popular nowadays. With all those benefits, it does make you wonder why?

    Rgds Ian

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    Im told 7mm 08 is the minimum requirement overseas and you're dead right about the military rounds, hence my dilema. I thought .270 was big enough but is it .275?

    Maybe I should go for 300wm!

    A nice quandry to have, choosing your rifle calibre - but it does take some choosing when you have the FLO to consider too.

    I think i'll think some more!



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    When looking for a bigger calibre I also wanted to use it for boar in France. After shooting one I went for the old .270. They are loud and unmoderated kick a little but if you drop on a mod it sorts most of this out. I am happy shooting mine and I am a recoil wuss. If do some research you will see the 270 performs very well, flat and fast. Also if you want it for roe you can buy controlled recoil rounds but to be honest I don't bother. I suggest you try one with a mod you will be pleasantly surprised.


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    Look at 7 x 64. Only ever a sporting round so no problem with Johnny Foreigner.

    Approach with FLO is for Deer as prime and Fox as secondary.


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    IanF suggests 7x57, unfortunately still regarded as a military calibre in France I think (not absolutely certain).
    .270 and 7x64 are good choices and very similar balistically. I would go along with the 7mm-08 suggestion.

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    Of 7x57mm and 7mm-08, my heart says the former but my head says the latter - the 7mm-08 offers a slight edge on performance

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    7-08 sounds good.
    Very efficient, least powder for the oompf. Which means it is easier to moderate. Short action!
    Nothing really wrong with the others mentioned.

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