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    Snow Suit

    The snow has arrived and more forecast. Can folks recommend a good snow suit?

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    Try here: Army Surplus Shop in North Wales
    NATO Snow parka 15 new, they have trousers too, also cheap. I got one for my birthday a few weeks ago. Its made of very light nylon, but quite quiet.

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    Cheers Flanker, looks well worth a look and won't break the bank.

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    Why dont you buy a pack of the white dispo overalls (LIDL) had them cheap a while ago. Quick spray with some matt black paint and then just wear them over your normal gear. Cost v little and easy to use.

    Seen similar 3M type overalls being worn by the guys doing asbestos removal at our hospital so must be hard wearing.


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    Spray painters overalls work for me!

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    I got the real gear from Cabelas a couple of seasons ago,
    very warm quiet and waterproof.
    better still found them on bargin cave so they were very cheap.

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