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    The weathers getting colder and my hands suffer more and more[age]. Can i have some recomendations for a good pair of gloves to keep my poor hands WARM please-glen

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    I have a pair of sealskins , a pair of hikila , amd a pair of deer hunter neopreen
    your hands always get wet at present deer hunter gloves seem to be best was out all this weekend and they were best
    but suggest you have several pairs and keep changing them

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    I have the sealskinz and my hands freeze in them when its cold and cook the rest of the time, won't be buying them again!

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    My hands get really cold. I currently have a couple of pairs of Army surplus mitts. When it gets really cold, I put on fine woollen gloves underneath the mitts. Secondly, I put on a warmer hat. Regards JCS

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    Trouble is none will do all the jobs.

    If you want to keep your hands warm and dry then a Gotex pair of sking gloves/mitts are the best Only buy gortex, everything else will leak. Mine work at -30c ontop of some mountains in Switzerland.

    I have a pair of cammo neoprene gloves with fold back fingers which are good, available in most fishing tackle shops. Wear them when lamping at night particular when using hand held lamp from a moving vechicle.

    Couple of years ago I read a review in gun mart for leather waterproof gloves. Purchased a pair for my dad who swears by them. Can't remember the maker/supplier.

    Dont like woolen fingerless mitts as seem to attract every bramble/briar in area.


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    I use ron thompson gloves from your local go outdoors stores. about 9 from the fishing section. They help lots.
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    I poached this link from the thread on snow suits. Would it be possible to get warmer gloves? The goretex non cammo ones look good as well. I am certainly going to buy a pair to use when sitting in high seats.

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    Thanks for all the help guys,lots of options to think about.will probably get more than one pair as it makes it more versatile,thanks again-glen

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    surplus and adventure have some great ex dutch army mitts for 7. perfect to just slip off before taking a shot. I like to wear the fingerless wool barbour gloves in general, and these slip nicely into the mitts too if you require more layering and not to have your hands completely expose once you remove the mitts.

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