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Thread: CZ scope base advice please.

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    CZ scope base advice please.

    Does anyone have experience or knowledge of putting a Picatinny rail or Weaver bases on a CZ 550 medium action? Is there an adaptor or some other way of doing it as it doesn't seem straightforward to me at this time? Thanks in advance.


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    No sorry I don't but get some decent rings and they will return to zero any way.

    But a quick search brought up several. CA/USA have one but won't ship out of the US so try here:-

    Although why one would want to possibly introduce another layer of tolerances is a bit beyond me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post

    Although why one would want to possibly introduce another layer of tolerances is a bit beyond me.
    My thoughts exactly. I am rebarreling my FN Commercial 30-06 to 6.5x55 and was thinking of getting rid of the PH bases and rings and mounting Leupold Opti-Locs as I have a set specifically for the FN. This set up has a good reputation but those two little levers give me some pause for thought.... one more variable. The Trusty old PH mounts have never budged. I have found adapters give me the same uneasy feeling... not to mention they jack the scope up higher than I usually like.~Muir

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    Ahhhh Muir,

    I take it you mean these mounts:-

    Just be aware that it appears Leupold make the actual bases to suit different Mauser actions. It also appears I got the wrong ones and the bases needed fitting to the profile of the P-H 1200 Super to sit properly with no gaps .

    However they have not moved and they actually cam the rings down onto the base.

    Oh yes that's the 7.92mm one .

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    I should have explained I was looking to find a way to put a 34mm tubed Burris red dot on my CZ 9.3 for boar and can't fine a suitable mount/ring combination which allows it. I share your dislike of further levels of tolerances when they are not needed. I currently have a Warne QD set up with a 30mm Leupold 1.25 - 4 with the German No4 reticle which has served me well so guess I'll stick with it.

    I have a PH 7.92 like yours Brithunter and they are a fantastic bit of kit.

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    Have you considered hiring someone to bore out a set of 30MM rings? YOu might need to shop a bit to find a set with enough "meat" around the tube to allow boring but it could be an option. Back in the days before 30MM rings were popular in the US we had to do that to use some European scopes.~Muir

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    Thanks Muir, that hadn't occurred to me but it is probably the easiest option. Will have a look round for some 'meaty' 30MMs any suggestions would be greatfully received.

    Thanks again, Chris.

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    Try asking these folks if they can make you a set of 34mm rings:-

    At worse they can say no!

    They are available out there but at a price it seems:-

    A bit of web searching found these and Warne might offer them too. Good luck with it.

    Oh yes I do happen to like the 1200 Super in 7.92mm. I got mine from York Guns NIB.

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    Thanks Brithunter, plenty of research for me to follow up, I really appreciate it. My PH came via Sportsmansgun Centre I think, it was years ago. I was told the vast majority ended up in Australia and New Zealand at a time when there was loads of ex military (Egyptian??) ammo dumped on the market. This may be rumour but sounds plausable. I love the 7.92 for hunting, have taken many reds, a few fallow and a couple of muntjac with it. In fact I should have used it as my boar rifle as all the locals in Croatia seem to have ex military 7.92 Mausers. Had I not gone along the 9.3 550 route I'd not have the current dilemma re the red dot. Oh well.

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    The story is that P-H made a special order run of these which is not catalogued. Perhaps the buyer cancelled the order or rfused delivery what ever happened York Guns ended up with a load that they claimed to be over runs. Mine I believe was a reject as the stock inletting was not up to standard and it required sorting out. I got mine years after I saw the adverts in Guns Review. After picking up the as new never scopes BSA CF2 in7x57 I wanted a new P-H to compliment it so rang York Guns and they had a look and found they still had a couple. It cost me 275 that was about July/August 2002 but right now I cannot find the receipt.

    You'll get the sight sorted and fitted and the 9.3mm will certainly cope with driven Boar .

    Edit:- Doh!!! only just noticed that your in the same county... Nice going.

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