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Thread: Annual meet with mates in herefordshire.

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    Annual meet with mates in herefordshire.

    Just a thanks to wayne and andy for having us down (again) on our annual trip.
    Despite high cold winds they came good and provided me and rich quite a few chances at deer.
    I sadly only had 1 and took a lame fallow follower from a seat with a perfect heart shot @218m's with my beloved 7mm mag.(only wish wayne had been sat besid me, I had the brake on).

    richard however shot a fox and 3 fallow.

    Cheers lads as always a "good do"
    regards john

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    Pleasure as always mate, we always get a bit of sport as well when you boys visit mostly at Rich's expense this time

    I hope he can afford a good Xmas after spending so much on ammo I've never known a fox take so much killing

    Here's a nother photo mate it catches your lovely smile and more to the point Max looks good



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    he looks great as always mate.
    hope you will have another pup in a few years when i breed breeze
    and rich needs a self loader not a blaser. LOL.

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    I guess the fox won't be heading to the taxidermist then, I myself am a regular exponent of the gut shot [on foxes] it's underated.

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    Looks like a good trip down south John

    As always Wayne and Andy look after their guests


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