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Thread: Shooting/Stalking suit

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    Shooting/Stalking suit

    Does anyone own and have any comments to make on the following suits:

    1. Jahti Jakt Thorn
    2. Swedteam Granasen
    3. Laksen Mufflon

    Iím after a wind/water proof and breathable jacket and trouser suit between £200 and £350 thatís smart enough to wear on a driven day and also hardwearing enough to wear out beating/stalking without soaking me in my own sweat!

    Before it gets mentioned Iíve thought about pushing the boat out and buying a harkila pro-hunter or nomad suit, but I just canít afford that right now. The Jahti Jakt Thorn is right at the top of my price range and only considering it as it comes with tonnes of extras



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    [QUOTE=Steve29;291597]Does anyone own and have any comments to make on the following suits:

    1. Jahti Jakt Thorn
    2. Swedteam Granasen
    3. Laksen Mufflon

    The jahti Jakt range was the first suit i ever bought 7 or 8 years ago for the full sum of £180 from sporting gun.
    It has lasted very well but no longer waterproof as youd imagine.You do get an awfull amount of stuff for the money when you buy a set,base layer,fleece,etc and i would'nt hesistate to but one in the future.
    what swayed it for me was watching a programme with jonny kingdom and reindeer in greenland and the guide had the same suit.

    I bought the laksen trousers while at this years CLA in honesty not sure which perticular type but it has been exeptional in the foulest of weathers uptill now,stalking,beating everything.

    I would also consider and reccomend the country covers range of clothing,me personally i'm very happy with them.


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    My recommendation is for Jahti Jakt (no connection), I've had a classic suit, a pro suit and the camo suit, and cannot fault them at all.

    The classic was the first and kept me dry on Arran when we had 4 inches of rain on one day, when getting back to auchrannie hotel a number of stalkers were soaked, and had sleeves full of water, I was completely dry. Only complaint with the original classic suit was the zips/vents on the trouser pockets, the midges seemed to be able to find that tiny hole every time...

    I then bought the Pro suit, and one for the missus, and both have been worn fishing/shootin/stalking an dog walking and again have worn well, and are both warm and dry.

    I then picked up the camo suit, and it is now my main stalking suit, I have worn it in all seasons, and the layer system means you can suit ( no pun) the conditions, even just wearing the fleece in the summer evenings. It is not quite as heavy/warm as the pro and classic, but the under layers are the new dry tech material, which I find warmer than the traditional fleece type long johns etc,

    Good Luck.

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    Thanks for the input guys, much appreciated. Think i'll just go for it and get the JJ gear!

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    I bought a laksen forest jacket to replace my deerhunter montana and while not as versatile with no removeable fleece i find the build quality much better than deerhunter.

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