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Thread: .22 Hornet 1968 Brno ZKW465 - collectable classic, mint barrel

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    .22 Hornet 1968 Brno ZKW465 - collectable classic, mint barrel


    I'm selling my classic Brno .22 Hornet to fund some expensive work that needs to be done.

    It's a beautiful little rifle and a tight shooter. Here are the details:

    1968 manufacture. 22" barrel. Classic Brno tack-driver - serious collectors' rifle and highly desirable. The ZKW465 is regarded as one of the finest small calibre rifles ever made and highly sought after. It's now fairly rare for these rifles to come up for sale and even rarer to find one in original finish and specification and in such good condition.

    It's important to me that the rifle goes to a good home and to someone who understands the value of old collectable Brno rifles. If you're looking to convert it to .22-K Hornet or put a moderator on it and destroy the value then go and play with the 'made to a tight budget' CZ527; this Brno ZKW465 is not for you! Hornets don't need moderators and reaming it out to K-Hornet won't make it any more accurate than it is!

    The bore is immaculate – beautifully cut deep rifling and the metalwork in general is nothing short of beautiful. Do not compare this to Brno Fox or CZ527 rifles – the ZKW465 is in a different league altogether. You have to look down the barrel and work the action to see what I mean. They just do not make rifles like this anymore. The blacking itself is stunning – very deep and polished.

    The rifle came from an old Highland stalker friend and has been well looked after with few rounds through it over its life. I know its provenance from new.

    As well as being classic and highly collectable this particular rifle is also a great shooter (see target scans) and a pleasure to shoot and handle. It's scaled perfectly for .22 Hornet.

    Cracking classic foxing (the Hornet is an excellent foxing round) and small game / vermin rifle. Comes with TWO 5-round magazines and the original folding leaf rear sight. The open sights themselves are a pleasure to use and there are 3 leafs for 100, 150 and 200 yards. The new 6x42 Nikko Stirling Gold Crown scope is included.

    These rifles go for upwards of $1500-2000 in the States in varied condition. Spare magazines themselves go for upwards of $300 as there is no supply of ZKW465 magazines anywhere in the world. I'm asking 500 for this classic rifle with spare magazine. No offers please - it's priced to sell.

    Over 350 of reloading equipment, cartridges, dies, V-Max bullets and Lil'Gun and H110 powder for .22 Hornet available separately for a low price to the rifle buyer. As many of you know, the rifle and cartridge is a handloaders dream. 35gr VMax bullets can be sent in excess of 3,200fps (chronographed in this rifle) and it groups around the 0.5” at 100 yards consistently. Even Winchester factory 45gr soft point loads group well under an inch at 100 yards.

    Also advertised elsewhere. Based in Staffordshire, but back in Highlands for Xmas and New Year.

    If it's of interest let me know by PM. It must go to a good home and someone who appreciates old-time quality.
    I will regret selling this rifle.

    PS the Nosler target was at 194 yards, not 200. I measured it later with the rangefinder.

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    Cracking little gun, I have a 1949 model and will not part with it. I would like the powder off you though and maybe the winchester rounds, mine likes those. When you up here next? maybe you could pm me if you are interested

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi i will have the Lee Loader please if you are splitting. That is a beautiful rifle, i have Hornet 527 but if i had cash and slot i would have rifle aswell! Nick

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    Hi John and Nick. Thanks for the replies. I'm keeping the reloading gear and bits together with the rifle for a buyer. It's easier for them if it's all to hand and ready to go.
    It is a great wee rifle and I'm close to pulling the ad. Daft to sell it. Cheers for now.

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    Keep it! You'll regret it if you sell it on now.

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    Half the reason I joined this site was finding this thread in my search for a decent collectable Hornet and I couldnt see the photos.

    Being in the States.......all I can do is drool

    What an awesome Brno!!

    God Bless

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    Thanks, it looks good, but you really fall in love with it when you hold it in your hands. Foxes aren't keen on it though - upsets their evening plans.

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    Hiya A,
    Tried to pm you but your message box is full.... please delete some and i'll try again,

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