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Thread: accurate 4350 powder

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    accurate 4350 powder

    hi to all any one know who has got a stock of accurate 4350 powder? emailed westlander the importers and called waste of time. any help finding this powder would be most appreciated.

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    Have you tried the NRA armoury at Bisley they stock Accurate powders and normally at a reasonable price.
    Accurate 4350 may now be called Lovex D70?

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    yes fred has not got this in stock its not on his list of powders he keeps.

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    Try Andy allwood of Allwood stocks and mouldings in Bracknell mate he usually has a healthy stock.
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    What about H4350 I think you will find the two are pretty much interchangeable.

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    The problem with Westlander is that Mike has to drive to the Czech Republic to pick up the stuff in bulk and he doesn't do that very often. I have a little 4350 but not enough to share I'm afraid. I'm also in need of 5744 - same story.

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