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    Hi, my name is Dave and although i am not a new member i read the post about introductions and as i never introduced myself i thought "fair comment" so here i am.
    As i said my name is Dave and i live in Fife, my calibre of choice is .308 for deer, .222 for foxes, .22 for rabbits and other vermin, shotgun for wildfowl and game. I have been stalking for about 12 years, and a variety of other shooting for about 30 years. I love it. hope this covers everything.


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    Welcome to the site, look forward to hearing from you in the near future

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    Hello and welcome to the site daverl


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    thanks guys, i've been looking in for a while just never posted before.


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    Welcome to the dirctory.

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    welcome to the site mate.

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