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Thread: 6MM Remington

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    6MM Remington

    Hi all

    would just to ask if anyone has any new or once fired 6MM Remington brass that they would like to sell.


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    Norman Clark of Rugby usually has some in stock. I would suggest you try giving them a call.

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    Hi brithunter

    thank you for the info it is not a case of not being able to get hold of the brass. I am just about to start reloading so have just spent up on reloading kit was hoping just to save a few pennies getting some once fired brass.

    I must have picked the hardest round to get hold of in the UK.

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    Persevere. It's also one of the best. If I was culling on open fields where ranges are extended then I would choose the 6mm Rem. Try Mike Norris, I reckon he has some new brass in stock.

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    Given you have invested a lot of time and cash to date, why scrimp on the brass?*+670+***+9013+***

    Regards JCS

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