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Thread: Hogue stocks

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    Hogue stocks

    Guys I'm looking at a Howa 1500 varmint with a Hogue stock. On reading a couple of reviews there is mention of the pillar stock being flexible enough to affect POA when (not) using bi pods. Does anyone have any experience of this.


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    I had a Hogue overmould on my remington, it was indeed flexible.
    All I can say is that when I changed to an HS precision the accuracy improved but it wasn't bad to start with....

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    I thought the early ones were effected by this problem, and it was quickly fixed?
    Mines fine

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    There are 2 versions of the over mould job.
    The pillar bed, which has flex, and the full length ally one, which doesn't.
    Looky here for details.

    Seriously, mine wasn't bad, it's just there are better options out there.

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    When you say better options do you mean for the rifle whole or just for the stock.



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    I had the early non overmould stock which was definately flexible a change to the latter stock with pillars gave more barrel float and better acurracy,there are better stocks available but not for the same money.Mines a stainless sporter in 22-250 Dave

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    Howa 1500

    Mine certainly had a flexible stock (one of the pillar bedded ones) which I have now changed. It also had an awful trigger which couldn't be adjusted to my satisfaction, so that has been changed as well. Conclusion - whilst the rifle's OK in an agricultural kind of way, it's certainly no beauty. I wish I had added the cost of the money spent on replacement stock and trigger (well over 200) and put it towards something decent in the first place.

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    I have the one with the full length alloy, no problems

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    After hearing about the flex problems with the hogue stocks, I opted for a Boyd thumbhole laminate on the .223 stainless heavy barrel version. No flex whatsoever and the new Howas have a two stage adjustable trigger.
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    My original Howa stock didn't stop deer entering the larder.
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